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Novantas Announces SalesScape 2.0 — A New Dynamic Platform for Precision in Sales and Workforce Analytics

New York, NY—

Novantas announces the production release of SalesScape 2.0 — a branch sales and workforce solution that provides unmatched diagnostic and performance monitoring analytics. Leveraging the company’s extensive experience in benchmarking across North America, SalesScape enables banks to readily pinpoint sales force productivity and performance gaps, take corrective action and manage performance improvement programs.

The innovative, web-based platform draws on a database of over 17,000 branches — and growing — to provide banks with a single access point for local and macro market benchmarks. Additionally, with over 100 online views and a custom analytics module, banks have the ability to use standard reports or seamlessly drill down to branch level data based on their own custom geographical hierarchy.

“The depth of granularity and customization in SalesScape is second to none in the industry,” says Jackie Hudson, Principal and Head of SalesScape Product Management at Novantas. “The platform places sophisticated analytics at executives’ fingertips allowing them to manage their business more effectively and drive the right outcomes in branch staffing, sales management and goal setting.”

SalesScape provides a necessary level of analytic rigor as the industry continues to experience a rapid transformation from a service-centric to a sales-focused workforce.

“Old approaches for staffing, goaling and sales deployment simply do not work anymore,” says Darryl Demos, General Manager of Novantas Solutions. “To keep pace and stay current, we’ve synthesized the expertise of our consultants and one-of-a-kind metrics into a single platform. As banks navigate the major transformation obstacles, SalesScape, along with our larger suite of decision support technology, will help our clients optimize performance and thrive in any environment.”

About Novantas
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Jackie Hudson

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Katie Davis
Senior Marketing Associate

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