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Pursuing A Tinier Target

US Banker
Two years ago, Synovus Financial Corp. began reaching out to its smaller commercial customers to make asset-based loans, and now it is going smaller still. What makes this possible is its use of new analytics for small businesses.

Through a partnership with a collateral management platform outsourcer, the $36 billion-asset Synovus of Columbus, Ga., has been advancing short-term lines of credit to small businesses. Some lines are as low as $50,000 – well under the $3 million to $5 million level that Synovus typically seeks on its other asset-based loans. This year it hopes to lower the floor to $25,000.

Synovus is managing this with the aid of deep-diving, risk-averting analytics used to monitor the quality of the accounts receivable that back the loans. Using a platform from FTrans Corp. of Atlanta, which collects the receivables, Synovus is

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