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PriceTek® Mortgage

Daily Price Optimization for the U.S. Mortgage Market

Despite advancements in other countries and lines of business, demand-based pricing remains underutilized in U.S. mortgage.

PriceTek Mortgage is the first U.S. mortgage pricing solution to overlay loan values with demand-side elasticity, covering both HFS and HFI loans. By tracking intraday competitive position across the full note rate stack, the platform enables lenders to quickly respond to market changes. With PriceTek Mortgage, pricing teams are able to apply elasticity insights to optimize margin management, monitor subsequent performance, and analyze trends in key performance indicators such as MLO price exceptions.

Embrace Demand-Based Pricing

Find Your Competitive Position
Summarize competitive position across note rates in a single metric. Read More

Determine Customer Elasticity

Maximize profit daily to respond to changes in market position, elasticity, and profitability.

Optimize Margin

Identify customer response to price across different products, markets, and tranches.

Empower Your Business With

Margin Management

Business Intelligence

Expert Support

Respond to intra-day market changes with automated analytics and streamlined reporting
Monitor performance drivers and leverage key metrics such as MLO price exceptions
Implement advanced technology backed by industry experts in product, process, and change management

“With the help of PriceTek, we’ve developed more sophisticated and tailored responses to meet the needs of increasingly diverse customers.”

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