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PriceTek® Offer Engine

Identifying the optimal price is only half the battle of winning business. You must communicate the offer effectively, and understand what techniques work for each segment of customers.

PriceTek Offer Engine provides that capability, providing selling guidelines, any level of scripting or sales support you choose, and then lets you measure how well various techniques work in winning business. The platform can work without a pricing engine, or link directly to our PriceTek Deposit and Loans platforms or any in house system to track customer responsiveness to offers and dynamically guide the sales team to improve conversion rates.

Core Benefits

Streamline Rate delivery

Dynamically define and manage pricing grids at a very granular level and either link to core rate systems or develop customized pricing grids to deliver to the field.

Optimize Outcomes

Analyze customer interactions real-time and make adjustments to the offer to ensure sales reps are presenting the best product at the optimum price.

Test and Learn

Test multiple price points, positioning, bundling options and reward features to refine offer positioning to position the field for success.

Negotiated Deal Process Support

Automate and centralize exception pricing processes to ensure teams are consistently handling similar deals, and to maintain a record of each step of the deal flow for audit purposes.

Key Capabilities

Dialogue Designer

An intuitive tool to design interactive dialogues, market tests and sales support information delivery so that the best thinking of the organization can be institutionalized across the entire company.

Lead Management

Keeps track of all leads, interactions, and open items, tracking details of what was said, when, for how long, with what outcome. Automatically triggers follow ups and provides comprehensive custom reporting for management.

Lost Deal Analysis

The lost Deal module allows banks to utilize important information on offers that were turned down. This can be used to not only augment information on the competition but improve the ability to model elasticity at a segment level.