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novantas review

Portrait of Your Customer

How much do banks really know about their customers? The new issue of the Novantas Review explores strategies that bank can use to identify the most valuable deposits and prospects.

novantas review

The Balancing Act of 2019

The Spring 2019 issue of the Novantas Review is here! “The Balancing Act of 2019” digs into the top issues of the moment – from deciding which branches should be closed to the growing importance of deposits in M&A transactions.

novantas review

Finding the Right Fit

The banking industry is in strong financial shape, but the ability to manage deposit costs will be one of the biggest challenges of 2019. How does a bank find the right fit with customers?

novantas review

The Great Deposit Grab

This issue focuses heavily on deposits and for good reason: they are top of mind. Bankers are trying to figure out how to acquire new deposits without wrecking the financials. Quarterly earnings reports show that the biggest banks are scooping up deposit market share. And customers are lamenting the paltry interest rates they are getting from their longtime banks, prompting many to seek higher rates from local competitors, national players and new entrants, like direct banks.

novantas review

The Future of Banking

In this issue, we tackle some key topics that you will face as you look to the future of banking. We guide you through some strategic choices that you will likely have to make, such as developing a thin-branch network or launching a direct bank. We also examine the significant amount of churn that will hit your workforce and provide guidance about figuring out which deposit customers are most valuable to you.

novantas review

The Disappearing Customer

In this issue, Novantas tackles hot-button issues like how to attract deposits by designing successful customer treatments and ways that technology can help propel commercial banking into the 21st century. We look at how banks can make home-equity products attractive to millennials and consider the prospects for industry acquisitions, including the all-important need to conduct deposit due diligence in an era of rising rates.

novantas review


In this issue, you will get a first look at our proprietary research about what consumers think about robo advisors and the characteristics that make a bank distinct. We also dig into how financial institutions can stay afloat in their data lakes and how to tackle thorny issues that can arise when banks use technology to make segmented offers to their customers.

novantas review

Time for Tough Choices

Now is the time to stop reflecting on the past and be very proactive and intentional about securing your place in the digital future.

novantas review

2017: A Window of Opportunity

Opportunities in a promising new environment. Finally, banks may earn enough to fund the transformation needed in an increasingly digital environment.

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