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2017: A Window of Opportunity

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The changes wrought by the election and by the improving economic environment open up new opportunities in 2017 for banks to prosper. Finally, banks may earn enough to fund the transformation needed in an increasingly digital environment. These articles discuss the opportunities and what the banks need to do to capitalize upon them in 2017.

CBA’s President and CEO Richard Hunt provides us with a view from Washington, and the opportunity to come together and make balanced regulatory decisions for both the industry and consumers.

We follow with our assessment of how banks need to manage funding in a rising rate environment. The remaining articles discuss the agendas for banks in the ongoing digital transformation of the industry — from the opportunities for direct banks, to the implications for M&A.

Novantas believes the time to act is now. To be sure, the industry is still under stress. But 2017 represents a new phase for banks, as favorable conditions present new opportunities following the financial crisis. Improved financial performance allows banks to fund change, and picking the right priorities is an important management agenda to meet 2017 goals, and create a sustainable path forward.

Strategic Funding Optimization: A More Proactive Balance Sheet Management Tool for ALCO

For too long, funding has been a neglected cousin in the strategic planning process. But there are storm clouds gathering — driven by rising rates, competition and increased regulatory focus on liquidity. Going forward, banks need an enterprise-wide strategic funding optimization approach.

Rethinking Bank M&A — Identifying, Pricing and Capturing Value in Today’s Environment

The value of M&A is changing. Traditional acquisition synergies are giving way to new sources of value, and banks will need to adapt.

Accelerating Digital Migration: Necessary, Tough and Rewarding

In the next phase of customer migration from branch to digital, every aspect of face-to-face and voice-to-voice interaction needs to be mapped and evaluated for digitization.

Replacing Lost Sales Conversations with Multi-Channel Appointment Setting

With the continuing decline of branch visits, a robust appointment setting process for both customers and sales associates is now an integral component of retail sales.

Deposit Promotions at what Cost? Measuring Marginal Cost of Funds

As rates continue to rise, it is critical to deploy a better metric to compare the costs of rate based deposit raising strategies against one another, and against alternative marketing or investment spending.

Regulation: An Opportunity to Get It Right

As reforming the Dodd-Frank Act takes center stage in Washington, it is important for federal lawmakers to hunker down and get this one right. Consumers and bankers alike stand to benefit from reform, but balance is key.

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