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2020: A Year for Vision

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Welcome to the Winter issue of the Novantas Review.

There is no debate that 2019 brought seismic developments to banking: three interest-rate cuts, one of the largest mergers in years and a slew of new non-banks seeking to displace industry titans with products and features that are eagerly sought by consumers.

The new year will be full of new challenges. Net interest margins will be pressured by lower rates, resulting in continued cost-cutting and tighter investment budgets. It will be more important than ever for management to identify which strategies are critical for near-term growth.

Old principles need to be reexamined. For example, branches may be less valuable as a way to acquire customers, but digital banking elevates the importance of marketing. Tomorrow’s fintech competitors and their strategies will be unlike those of local competitors in the past. And alternative performance measures, such as deposit duration, may increasingly influence product design and servicing strategies.

Overall, tight budgets will continue to challenge the ability to achieve required performance and management will need meaningful information to make tough decisions.

The next year, and indeed the new decade, will present some difficult and unfamiliar choices. That’s why we lead off this issue of the Novantas Review with five questions that management should think about in the new year. This checklist can provide executives with an opportunity to pause momentarily and consider what priorities should guide the bank’s investments — from digital transformation to new capabilities to potential M&A initiatives.

Speaking of M&A, this issue also dives into the importance of deposit valuation in deal due diligence. The upshot: regulatory guidelines for deposits mightn’t be the most appropriate metric to determine how much they’re worth.

We also dig into the prospects for disruption in the Canadian banking market and provide a sneak peek into our upcoming U.S. Shopper research. And we provide fresh insights about marketing spend from Acquisition IQ, our cross-bank data set.

J.D. Power’s Bob Neuhaus sits down with the Novantas Review to talk about customer satisfaction in the banking industry. Not surprisingly, banks don’t rank very highly compared with other industries, he says.

Do you have any ideas about what you would like to see covered in the Novantas Review? Please feel free to send questions or comments to Robin Sidel at We welcome your thoughts.

All of us at Novantas send warmest wishes for a happy holiday season.

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