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From Payments to Cash Management: The Next Big Idea?

Novantas Review Vol. 3 No. 1 | 2012


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From Payments to Cash Management:
The Next Big Idea?

Payments can once again be a foundation of profitable revenue growth, but only for institutions that can innovate to serve customers’ larger needs.

Consumer Credit: New Frontiers for Growth

Major regional banks have both the motive and the opportunity to reclaim territory in the estimated $1.5 trillion market for unsecured credit.

Commercial Sales Productivity: Four Keys to Winning Market Share

A concerted effort will be needed to strengthen the sales function in commercial banking, which is still overly reliant on the individual efforts of relationship managers.

Growing Fee Revenues in a Challenging Market

As early fee revenue tactics reach their limits, banks must start now in developing customer-friendly innovations that will bear fruit over the next few years.

Buyer Beware

As the revenue drought drags on in retail banking, regional players are facing growing pressure for another major round of merger-based consolidation.

Transforming Retail Sales Force Economics

To revitalize branch sales and solve over-staffing issues, banks will need improvements in metrics; goals and incentives; capacity management; and proactive selling.

Have Low Rates Ruined Treasury Management?

Treasury management remains an important line of business for commercial banks, but players need to adapt to a changing market, particularly in liquidity management.

Virtual Customers: Who’s Minding the Store?

Retail banking customers increasingly are skipping branch lobbies in favor of remote alternatives such as online banking. Are they receiving adequate management attention? Are retail banks overlooking a major segment of their customer base?

The Merger Trap

At a time of massive overcapacity in the U.S. branch system, merger-based consolidation is once again being touted as an industry solution in pressing times. But are potential acquirers looking at a major opportunity or stepping into a major trap?

Avoiding Branch Fatalities

A top banking performance challenge is dealing with impaired branch capacity. A strong market context will be needed in exploring ways to avert closures “at total loss.”

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