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Making Multi-Channel Work

Novantas Review Vol. 4 No. 1


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Evolving the Role of the Branch in a Multi-Channel World

A successful multi-channel performance agenda places the customer at the center of a cohesive effort to boost revenues, reduce costs and adapt to a changing marketplace.

Rolling up the Sleeves for 2013

The slow recovery will force banks to deal with branch overcapacity and changing business models — and hunt more aggressively and intelligently for revenue growth.

Sales Staffing: Managing the Extremes to Boost Productivity

The best places to start with sales productivity enhancements are at the market extremes, both low- and high-traffic, where capacity misalignment is the greatest.

Canadian Banks: Ready for a Multi-Channel Market?

A new Novantas survey makes it clear that many Canadian banking customers have moved solidly beyond the branch, raising the question of multi-channel strategy.

The Contact Center: Retail Banking’s Revenue Bright Spot

The contact center is becoming the go-to resource for remote customers who want a realconversation with a banker, but sales capabilities need to be improved.

CFPB: Growing Pains of a New Agency

The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has made significant progress in its early days, but some issues may linger for quite some time.

Growing the Wealth Business in Retail Banking

Regional banking executives remain optimistic about growing the wealth management business in retail banking, but say further organizational barriers must be overcome.

Banking’s E-Crisis: Is the Branch Finally Obsolete?

As customers shift more purchase-related activities online, retail banks must overhaul former store-centric practices to meet the challenges of a digital marketplace.

Branch Closures: Round Two?

Facing another round of branch closures in a tight market, banks will need more analytical rigor in deciding which locations to close.

Piloting for Multi-Channel Marketing

Pilot programs constitute the best method for getting the most of information-based marketing, a critical skill as customers do more business outside of the branch.

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