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Rising Competition for Core Deposits

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Core Deposits: Key Battleground for Profitable Intermediation

Banks that can successfully defend or capture lower cost funding will better weather current industry pressures – outperforming and even thriving in a tough environment.

Branch Visibility and Checking Acquisition: The Role of Billboard Value

Facing conflicting pressures to reduce network expenses while maintaining reassuring local presence, banks will need to emphasize branch visibility, or “billboard value.”

Breaking Out of the Sea of Sameness: The Role of Distinctive Brand Attributes

Novantas research shows that distinctive brand attributes are a significant driver of checking purchase rates, now that immediate branch proximity is falling in importance.

Millennials Challenge for Regional Banks: Profitable Acquisition and Cross-Sell

By learning to tap priority millennial customer segments that generate incremental returns today, a more solid footing is gained for further market inroads.

Mortgage Headwinds: Improving Returns in the Face of Multiple Capacity Constraints

Facing structural limits on origination capacity, lenders often pull the price lever, but with blunt results; better pricing analytics and technology can improve spreads.

Small Business Sales Challenge: Re-engaging Customers as the Branch Foundation Erodes

In the emerging customer engagement model, the emphasis is on streamlined and effective multi-channel interaction, guided by market and customer analytics.

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