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Special Report: Evolving Deposit Analytics for Treasury, Risk and Business Line Management

Novantas Review Vol. 5 No. 3 | 2014


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Integrating the Deposit Analytic Ecosystem

Treasury, risk and business line executives are facing a dual challenge in financial management: preparing for a rising rate environment while adapting to complicated new regulatory requirements, some of which will change industry performance dynamics.

Consumer Wildcard: Loan Growth Ahead?

As banks look to differentiate performance in 2015, a major question is whether consumers are finally ready to pick up the pace of borrowing.

Branch Sales Productivity: Four Keys to Improvement

In a crisis era for branch sales, banks need forward-looking strategies that can anticipate changing conditions, accommodate local markets and adapt to a multi-channel climate.

With Onboarding, Cash Management Rules

Many retail banks are missing the chief goal of onboarding, which should be to establish the bank as the customer’s primary cash management provider.

Commercial Deposits and Liquidity Management: Strategies for an Era of Change

To preserve deposit momentum in a future season of rising rates, commercial banks will need to refine products, pricing and sales force structure. Analytics will be key.

CCAR PPNR Modeling

Improved modeling for pre-provision net revenue requires strengthening the project framework, working to overcome data sterility and testing alternative approaches.

Liquidity Coverage Ratio: More Challenges Ahead

New regulatory liquidity standards will force significant changes in how banks manage their balance sheets, impacting both the treasury group and the business lines.

Relationship Pricing: A Pragmatic Approach

Executives now must think more seriously about how to manage and price relationships. Much depends on an understanding of the customer journey and lifetime potential.

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