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The Balancing Act of 2019

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Welcome to the Spring 2019 issue of the Novantas Review.

It is still the early days of 2019, but there are already signs that the year will be filled with new challenges for the banking industry. And those challenges aren’t only tied to the uncertainty of the Fed’s actions, the impact of tariffs or whether Europe can successfully navigate the Brexit maelstrom.

Novantas sees many banks on the brink of a delicate balancing act that will require deft management and proactive leadership from CEOs and their top lieutenants. That means banks need to take aggressive action now to reduce costs while maintaining as much revenue momentum as possible—and be prepared for bumps down the road.

This issue of the Novantas Review aims to help guide bankers through these decisions amid secular and cyclical changes that include the migration from branches to digital, the growing power of national banks and rising deposit betas.

In this issue, we explore new ways to evaluate customers in motion at a time when customer acquisition is at the top of the agenda. We also look at the need to revitalize the humdrum checking account and re-assess branch strategy.

Mergers are also a theme in this issue, with articles about deposit due diligence and the need for better marketing strategies during deal integration.

As always, we welcome your feedback on the Novantas Review. Please feel free to send questions or comments to Robin Sidel at

Finding a Better Way to Tap Customers in Motion

It’s no secret that every U.S. bank marketer wants to get more bang for the buck, whether acquiring retirees in Palm Beach or students in Boston.

Your Checking Account May Need an Overhaul

It may seem that the old-fashioned checking account is falling out of fashion, but that doesn’t mean banks should give up on it just yet.

Trimming the Branch

A new analysis conducted by Novantas demonstrates the dominance of U.S. national banks that are picking up deposits even as they close branches.

Close More Branches Now – Cautiously

The recent wave of industry mergers is bound to have many implications for U.S. banks, but one of the most significant is that it will accelerate the shuttering of branches across the country. The industry still has way too much capacity, and mergers — especially those with overlapping networks — provide an opportunity to eliminate capacity and improve efficiency.

Sitting Down with Novantas | Steve Scruggs

Steve Scruggs is the director of research and senior portfolio manager for Bragg Financial Advisors and also serves as the primary portfolio manager for the firm’s two mutual funds. The Novantas Review recently talked with Steve about his views on the banking industry.

Commercial Conundrum

New data from Novantas show that higher interest rates are affecting the relationship between banks and their commercial customers.

Investments are Critical in 2019 Even if Profitability Slows

It’s still early in the year, but 2019 is already shaping up to be tougher than many bankers expected. Deposit costs are rising fast, loan growth is uneven and mergers are accelerating the industry’s transformation.

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