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Branch Productivity and Sales Analytics Platform

The speed and extent of change in branch activity are unprecedented.

To keep pace and promote successful branch transformation, retail banking leaders need comprehensive branch productivity and sales benchmarks and dynamic tools to translate these benchmarks into action.

SalesScape is an innovative benchmarking platform, drawing on a database of over 17,000 branches and growing, across 20+ banks in North America. The intuitive platform is designed to improve the speed and depth of branch productivity and sales diagnostics, providing bankers with easy access over 100 online reports and views relative to peers and within their own branch networks.  The online platform is also part of a comprehensive program that provides ready access to Novantas productivity and sales effectiveness experts and an industry forum for discussing challenges and best practices.

Core Benefits

Increase productivity

Identify opportunities to redeploy staff, change the branch workforce structure and increase efficiency.

Improve revenue generation

Refine sales and account opening practices to focus on targeting the right customers, better capitalize on walk-in traffic, and deploy sales staff based on market opportunity.

Augment and improve decision-making

Create more accurate goal expectations based on competitive performance in similar markets, re-calibrate staffing models, and set realistic performance targets.


Benchmarking Report

Orange ArrowAnnual branch performance assessment conducted by Novantas productivity experts. Includes detailed report outlining current performance relative to industry benchmarks and a working session with Novantas.

Online Tool

Orange ArrowCloud-based software for accessing branch performance data, bank comparisons and benchmarks. Features 100+ standard reports, a custom analytics module, a customizable dashboard, and integrated mapping technology.

Annual Symposium

Orange ArrowBi-Monthly surveys and executive calls to discuss shared challenges, best practices, and evolving needs with peers and Novantas experts. Includes peer networking facilitation, an annual in-person meeting.


Workforce Productivity

  • Teller productivity
  • Sales productivity
  • Sales production
  • Return on sales force

Sales Effectiveness

  • Household acquisition
  • New-to-bank product cross-sell
  • Cross-sell to existing households
  • Conversion ratio
  • Portfolio product penetration
  • Product and household attrition

Small Business

  • Business acquisition
  • Deposit penetration
  • Loan penetration
  • Services penetration
  • Product and business attrition

SalesScape Insights

New Customer Sales Decline, Banks Are More Effective at Onboarding
Our SalesScape data shows onboarding cross-sell has increased by 4.4% in the last 12 months. On the other hand, household acquisition is down 8% and accounts sold to new-to-bank customers are down 3.8%. Banks need to understand where they stand across their network to improve activities in marketing, onboarding and adherence to process.

A Closer Look at Household Acquisition and Cross-Sell to New Customers in Regional Banks
Cross-sell to new customers is trending up! Novantas’ SalesScape analysis indicates that in-branch new consumer household growth has declined 11.6% since 2014 for regional banks. However, the number of accounts opened in the first 90 days per new household increased 12.2% over the same time period, changing from 1.72 in 2014 to 1.93 in the first three quarters of 2016.

Super Regional banks (1,000-2,000 branches) are outpacing the Regional banks (fewer than 1,000 branches) in branch sales growth!
Our SalesScape analysis shows that when it comes to sales growth and sales productivity, Super Regional banks have performed better over the past several years, with an uptick of 15% in sales. Regional banks on the other hand have struggled to keep up, showing a decline of 7% in sales per branch. A contributing factor to the increase in Super Regional branch sales is a stronger penetration of their existing customer base with sales up to 23% for existing customers vs regional banks dropping to 7%.

Super Regional banks have seen a 15% decrease in new household acquisition over the past three years, dropping from 29.9 to 25.5 per branch per month.
Regional banks, on the other hand, have remained flat averaging 14.4 new consumer households per branch. In a possible effort to counteract this decrease and maintain account growth, Super Regional banks have improved their sales penetration of new households in the first 90 days to 1.50 accounts per new households from the 2014 rate of 1.27. However, this new to bank sales rate is still 9% below the Regional bank’s new to bank sales ratio of 1.65.

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