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Novantas Review | Winter 2020

This issue explores how banks can use primacy, personalization and scoring to deepen customer relationships and form new ones.


The New Math of Distribution Planning

The race to consolidate branches has taken on additional urgency during the pandemic due to earnings pressure and shifts in customer behavior toward digital banking.


Pandemic Pushes Banks to Improve Operations

Banks are continuing to adjust their operations amid growing evidence that it will still be months before life returns to a pre-pandemic state. Improvements to digital access are naturally a key area of focus, but banks are also taking other measures to ease customer access to products and services.


Older Americans Warm Up to Branchless Banking

The pandemic has pushed older Americans toward digital banking, but there is still an enormous opportunity to move more of these consumers to the online channel.


A New Focus on Primacy in Commercial Banking

The definition of primacy in commercial banking is evolving for many clients during the pandemic, but too many banks don’t know how to tap into it.


Sitting Down with Novantas | Ken LaRoe

Bank founder Ken LaRoe talks with Novantas about why this is the right time to start another new bank and how Climate First can be a vehicle for positive change.