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Finance, Treasury and Risk

The demands placed on bank treasury and risk managers have never been so great.

Treasury functions must guide bank balance sheets through unprecedented and uncertain times, while playing a leading role in revenue modeling for stress testing. Risk functions are expected to defend banks against a panoply of attacks under the watchful eye of not just regulators, but also terrorist prevention groups. Both treasury and risk have strategic transformation opportunities, leveraging big data and big analytics — but trying to innovate while navigating the minefield of current challenges is no easy task.

We provide advisory services to treasury and risk functions at banks in the Americas, Europe, and Australia. We partner with executives to advance bank analytic capabilities, bringing to bear cutting edge modeling techniques pioneered by Novantas, thought leadership, and extensive experience.


Revenue & PPNR Modeling

Novantas is at the forefront of revenue and PPNR modeling, which is increasingly critical for stress testing. Our expertise is best known in statistical revenue modeling, though we have pioneered a broad spectrum of quantitative and qualitative (expert business judgment) approaches. We continue to refine our approaches through work with over a third of the US CCAR banks, many US DFAST banks, and large banks in Canada, the UK, Australia and Latin America.

Credit & Capital Markets

As the global financial crisis fades into the past, many wonder whether the classic boom-bust cyclicality of credit and capital markets remains intact, where will the next credit challenges be, and how can we avoid them? The Novantas team specializes in applying leading edge capital markets valuation-based analytics to improve the origination decision-making and portfolio management of bank credit portfolios.

Liquidity & Funds Transfer Pricing

Regulatory reform, in particular liquidity requirements, continues to strain internal bank management tools and decades-old FTP constructs. We help clients adapt to LCR, NSFR and related metrics and to adapt FTP for more forward-looking balance sheet management.

Valuation and Diligence

We provide banks and private equity firms with expert and independent assessments of financial entities and assets. Two areas of exceptional depth are valuing bank deposit books – providing insight on current and future balance, rate, and fee behavior embedded in deposit books – and assessing suitability of marketplace lenders for acquisition or partnership.

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